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Getting Started Is Easy

Lymbix is pleased to offer it’s sentiment technology as a service for integration with third party applications. This document covers the basic technical information on how to connect and interpret the application-programming interface (API) offered as a service.

To start using the Tone service, you will need an authentication key that you can get by clicking on the API KEYS menu. Most current version is 2.2

Note: Authentication keys do not expire.

The tonalize_multiple method provides article-level Lymbix sentiment data for multiple articles.

  • URL
  • http(s)://
  • Headers
  • Authentication :
  • Your Lymbix authentication key (found on your ‘Account Details’ screen)
  • Accept :
  • This can be either application/json or application/xml to specify which type of response you’d like to receive (application dependent)
  • Version :
  • The version of the API you’d like to use.
  • Parameters
  • articles
  • The comma separated list of the text that you are going to analyse.
  • return_fields
  • The Lymbix sentiment data fields you would like returned.
  • reference_ids
  • A list of custom tracking ids you can use to track the article when you receive the response. The reference ids can contain a string or a number.