We’ve got more than just a one trick pony. We’ve designed a suite of enterprise and social solutions built on our unique ability to precisely determine the “tone” in text-based communication. Whether it’s deeper social media analytics or a solution for improved enterprise communication you’re looking for, you can bet we have a product offering available (or in development) to match. Our team is ready to work with you.


People across North America are making money today and are donating to charity by rating words and phrases using ToneADay. Help us identify the emotional tone of text-based communication by evaluating emotional intensity against 8 categories of emotion. Your contributions are very important to us, as they fuel an entire suite of products and services at both the Enterprise and Social levels, including many of the products listed here.
For each contribution you make, we’ll credit your account with $0.05. It adds up quickly, and can be redeemed via PayPal or designated for one of our monthly charities. Visit to learn more.

ToneCheck – Coming soon!

Think of it as your emotional spell-check. The ToneCheck add-in for Microsoft Outlook (Release date: May 2010) identifies the emotional definition of words and phrases in order to help end users improve the clarity of their communication.
As intuitive as grammar or spell-check, ToneCheck by Lymbix gauges words and phrases against 8 levels of connotative feeling, allowing the end user to make real-time corrections and adjust the overall tone of messages using an easy-to-use menu system. Interested in ToneCheck at the Enterprise level? Contact CEO Matt Eldridge at [email protected].
Watch the ToneCheck Demo here.
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Filter the emotional noise on Twitter. Create an account, choose topics and be alerted when people talk about you, your company, or product. TweetTone allows you to filter conversation on Twitter based on the emotional content of the tweet.
Take a tour of TweetTone here.


ToneStudy is a contribution platform developed for universities, researchers, and focus groups to design and orchestrate connotative studies using our method of identifying the emotional tone in words and phrases. Studies may be custom-built using a range of emotional categories and descriptors, using words from our connotative database or selected manually for control purposes.
There is no cost to deploy ToneStudy, however accredited educational institutions need be approved to gain access. Our objective is to continually move the bar forward in development of semantic web technology.
Partner institutions include the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton, Canada) and the University of Connecticut. For more information, contact our Community Manager, Heather Ritchie at [email protected].


We’re pretty busy right now; developing the products and services that we believe will be core to our business. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other great ideas out there that could further the cause of improving the clarity in communication.
That’s why we’ve created ToneAPI. At the core of what we do lies a highly precise sentiment engine, flexible and scalable. By allowing other smart companies to tap into what we’ve created, we have confidence that an increased level of awareness of sentiment analysis will emerge as a result.
Licensing agreements are authorized on a Case by Case basis. Interested? Sign up at or contact CTO Josh Merchant at [email protected].


In a workplace where communication is exchanged at an increasingly rapid pace, it is becoming more and more desirable to allow organizations a degree of protection against the misinterpretation of email communication.
ToneFilter is deployed at the enterprise level to monitor and control communication in and out of an organization. Set acceptable tolerance levels, flags, and controls to ensure outbound messages not meeting a given tone are rejected from servers. Conversely, filter inbound communication to identify and prioritize e-mail based on certain identified emotions.
With each ToneFilter installation, ToneMetrics are included and provide Google Analytics-style reporting to monitor and identify trends and statistics. Want to learn more? Contact CTO Josh Merchant at [email protected].