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GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund Announces Investment in Lymbix Inc.
April 19, 2011, Moncton, New Brunswick – GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund is pleased to announce its $1.35 million investment in Lymbix Inc., a New Brunswick-based technology innovation company specializing in tools that help people and organizations be understood clearly. Lymbix has developed real-time sentiment analytics technology built with the huge volumes of an ever-evolving social web in mind. The company’s flagship consumer product, ToneCheck, is described as an “emotional spell-check”.

Lymbix was accepted into Microsoft’s BizSpark One program that identifies promising early stage technology companies from across the globe. Lymbix is one of only 200 companies (one of four in Canada) selected to this prestigious program.

This is GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund’s fifth investment in the province of New Brunswick. “We are extremely pleased to be investing $1,350,000 in Lymbix Inc., a company we believe has significant growth potential with a unique product offering and strong management team,” said Thomas J. Hayes, President and CEO of GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund.

“Lymbix is an important addition to our investment portfolio of companies and confirms our confidence in the opportunities provided to our Fund by the knowledge-based economy in New Brunswick.”

Lymbix will use proceeds from the financing to significantly ramp up its sales initiatives and continue to widen its innovation gap. The company has already established important reference customers with its current resources and this funding will help Lymbix build on that by reaching a much greater segment of its target market.

“Lymbix is delighted to be partnering with GrowthWorks,” expressed Matt Eldridge, President and CEO of Lymbix. “This investment as well as the experience and reach of our new partners will help accelerate Lymbix’s growth. We have an established product that is embraced by the market, and an excellent team, but current demand is starting to outpace our capacity. With this capital we will be well-positioned to pursue significant growth.”

About Lymbix (

Lymbix Sentiment Intelligence measures the tone and emotional impact of words in everyday written language. As a global leader in sentiment analysis technology, applications powered by Lymbix provide a more definitive look at specific emotions like friendliness, enjoyment, amusement, contentment, sadness, anger, fear, and shame and give insight to the true meaning of what brings positive and negative results. In short, Lymbix delivers incredibly fast sentiment analysis and can identify the real emotion in any domain of text exposing clarity and confidence on an individual message level.

Lymbix is headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

About GrowthWorks* (

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For more information, contact:

Tom Hayes
President and CEO
GrowthWorks Atlantic Venture Fund Ltd.

Matt Eldridge
President and CEO
Lymbix Inc.

Heather Ritchie
Communications Manager
Lymbix Inc.