How it Works

Emotive Context

Learn “Real” Language

Using our linguistic algorithms, we listen to communication streams to understand how people are actually communicating. We then extract emotional context – fragments of text that create emotion.

Build Lexicons

Data Analysis

This is where we sprinkle our magic! We build  lexicons to map a language layered with an array of emotions which are used in the process to determine emotion in text.

Measure Subjectivity

Human Powered

Sentiment fails when people don’t agree. We solve this by empowering our own community to give us their emotional responses to contextual terms. It’s a finely tuned crowdsourcing system with our own workflows for quality.

Real Time Delivery

Sentiment Blackbox

With a multi-tiered cloud environment, we deliver near realtime results of current emotional sentiments for any piece of text. Just plug it in and it will scale to your demand.