Exploring Twitter’s Sentimental Side with our New Hootsuite App


Exploring Twitter’s Sentimental Side with our New Hootsuite App
By Heather Ritchie

November 25, 2010

When our friends at Hootsuite approached us about using our technology to develop a Twitter sentiment application for their dashboard, how could we refuse? After all, we are all about helping our customers understand the emotions in all forms of text-based communication – especially social media and email!

We are known mostly as the developers of ToneCheck for Outlook, which today helps people avoid ticking each other off via email. What you may not know is that it is based on our kickass sentiment engine, that is ready to tackle the emotional side of the social web, including Twitter. The Lymbix Twitter Sentiment application will be among the first applications available to Hootsuite clients and will provide real-time sentiment of Twitter keywords and topics.

We (like Hootsuite) have recently opened up our own API to developers and partners – allowing contact centres, social media monitoring firms, customer support services (and many more) access to a better understanding of the sentiment present in their communication applications. Our engine is a step above current sentiment technologies and takes into consideration 8 emotions (beyond +/-) and a unique indicator of clarity that measures ambiguity in conversations.

We’ve been working on our Twitter Sentiment app for a few weeks now, since our good friend and Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes (@invoker) announced how developers can get in the game. We congratulate them on their latest success and are happy we could be a part of the announcement! Check out their announcement.

Want a sneak peek at the Lymbix Sentiment Analysis application? Click on the images below to expand.

So what do you think? Should this app be a regular part of Hootsuite? What other types of applications could use Sentiment Analysis? Hit up the comments below with your thoughts.